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If there is one thing that we wall love, it is music. The joy that we obtain from this, one of the greatest gifts to humanity, is without precedent and measure.  It is infinite.

We are very passionate about music. On our Sistas site, we will be promoting and exposing, some of the freshest and most exciting new music, so as to help promote up and coming genius’s in this field. As well as introducing some relatively unknown gems and outstanding classics.

We will be presenting some of our favourite new tracks in our mix cloud space and watch out for our radio station launching in the next week ahead!.

We will be giving you the opportunity to learn and (or) expand your skills in some writing and production (for those who have this passion as a life course) and we will be announcing an exciting competition for our members, in the coming weeks ahead. Stay tuned, for this exciting opportunity!

The classic of the week

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