Classic accessories

‘It’s all about the accessories’ as the saying goes!

Accessories have become such an integral part of the fashion industry. They enable great variety and adaptation to articles of clothing, (to what would otherwise) be a one-dimensional look.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular accessories available and how you can use them to spice up your wardrobe and give it new (and eternal!) life.

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So, what are some of the most popular accessories?


A watch is a timeless piece that every woman should have in their arsenal of accessories. Whilst an expensive, ‘brand’ name watch can have an impact, you do not need to spend a fortune in order to have a beautiful statement and keep on time in the process!

The Timeless Beauty of the Wrist Watch!

The epitome of style and elegance. Express yourself, your look and your outfit with this easy accessory. It literally never dates and will be a great investment for years to come. Trends tend to remain classical and minimalistic, with the use of metals, leather, and stone or marble. White, black, silver and rose gold is very popular. The great thing with the classical and minimal approach is that it is very stylish and classical. It never really dates, so any investment that you make in this area will last you for many years to come.

The Hand Bag:

Just as useful and stylish as the wristwatch, is every Sistas friend, the handbag. Mix and match sophistication and fun with this easy addition to your wardrobe! Handbags are one of the largest accessories that a woman will wear, so choosing the right one can be important. Again, this need not cost a fortune. Just make sure that the handbag is well kept and in good condition, as otherwise, it can drag down your whole outfit!

Many Sistas will have multiple handbags of varying styles and colors that they can mix and match, pending the occasion. This is usually a great approach for versatility. If you are going to have just one handbag, then a classic black handbag is probably going to be the most versatile.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that a handbag can be a very useful and practical item, thus what occasion you are needing the handbag, can determine what your choices will be. Work and school will usually need a larger bag so as to be able to carry your laptop, lunch, and other essential items. Where on a night on the town, a larger bag will only get in the way and be more cumbersome, so a clutch or crossover bag is more suitable in this situation and large enough to carry your wallet, lippy, and blush!

The link below will take you to a selection of some of our favorite bags that we have for sale. They are all very well priced, durable, and timelessly fashionable. We add new items on a regular basis, so just check the link for new additions regularly.

Sista Sista Fashion Bags

Classic Hand Bags


Splender in the Grass!

For the more adventurist!


Wearing rings makes you look elegant. They also indicate that you pay attention to detail. Rings are small and elegant and cannot easily be worn wrong, thus they are perhaps the easiest way to add elegance to your outfit. If you can match the colors of the metals in your other outfits, its a fantastic way to compliment your whole look and to make it look complete and whole.

For 2020 there are three main trends in fashion rings and accessories. Below, we will explore these trends. These come into three main categories.

  1. Elegant and expensive looking crystal rings.
  2. Simple rings that are stack-able
  3. Bold looking statement rings.

Click the link below for a selection of our great rings!

Sista Sista Fashion Rings

Elegant Crystal Rings

Expensive looking, but very affordable Crystal rings, look almost identical to their outrageously expensive Sistas, but can give you a glamorous and exotic look for a mere fraction of the price. Instead of Diamonds, they are enhanced Zircons. Instead of full Gold, Platinum, or Rose Gold, they are plated in these metals.

Well-cut cubic zircons look almost identical to diamonds, and cannot be distinguished with the bare eye. Since this kind of rings look a lot more expensive than they are, wearing one is a great way to add some luxe to your look, even if you’re on a budget.

Elegant Crystal Ring

Simple Stackable Rings

These simple and elegant rings are very effective when stacked together. Low cost yet very effective, they give an earthy and exotic look of simple elegance and style. Rose, silver, gold, or copper will complement any outfit. Most popular and timeless being silver or gold. You can control easily the volume and placement of the rings and as each ring is very attractive, they draw attention.

Beautiful Stackable Rings

Statement Rings

Statement rings are bold, dramatic, and inspiring! They are the perfect accessory for a night on the town or for a party. They are very large, making them a great talking point and a centerpiece of your outfit.

With a statement ring, you will not need to wear any other ring. Statement rings are at their best, best when worn alone. They very often come in bright colors and outrageously bold designs, which is perfect with their ornamental nature.

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