Classic accessories

‘It’s all about the accessories’ as the saying goes!

Accessories have become such an integral part of the fashion industry. They enable great variety and adaptation to articles of clothing, (to what would otherwise) be a one-dimensional look.

So, let’s take a look at some of the most popular accessories available and how you can use them to spice up your wardrobe and give it new (and eternal!) life.

Check out this great video from for some great start-up advice, from Diane!

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Sublime street art

A pathway to inspiration in fashion can be drawn upon from the brilliant street artists of our times. Brave, reckless, innovative and free, their work often obtains the fearless ambition and freedom that takes us out of our comfort space and that of the masses.

Newtown Sydney Australia

Newtown is an amazingly eclectic and socially advanced inner-city hub, about three kilometres away from the centre of Sydney Australia. It is very multicultural and cutting edge and consists of many creative and free-thinking people. King Street is an exceptional shopping precinct with food from all over the world. Newtown is bold, beautiful, inspiring and unique. One of the best place to not only live in within Australia but in fact the world.

The brilliant British Band Coldplay, paid tribute to Newtown, by filming the film clip for their smash hit single ‘Sky Full Of Stars’, in the heart of King Street Newtown.  The locals embraced the band like they were locals (which with their mindsets of positivity and love, they would fit right in and be welcomed with open arms!)

You can see some of the famous street art within the film clip, including the ‘I Have A Dream’ mural in the centre of Newtown.

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Sustaining Our Precious World

The beauty and wonder of the world that we live in is beyond comprehension. Every animal, plant, insect, and human is a unique creation that in themselves are miracles.

Mother Earth sustains life for us all, with the powerhouse of our sun providing energy for all life like a huge battery, The plants transform this energy into food for animals and materials for our use.

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If you are stuck at home and everything is seeming a bit bland, then its time to add color your world. Color has a powerful and profound effect on our moods and well being. At this time, bright and positive colours can help energise your home and working environment, particularly if you have been confined and isolated at home.

Let the power of colour enhance your life!

Colour has a very powerful effect on the conscious and subconscious mind. Many psychological and other scientific studies have demonstrated what effect colour can have on everything from our moods, to our physical performance.

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Catching your dreams

Have you got (or ever had!) a burning passion, goal, or dream that you have wanted to achieve? A true purpose in which you feel that your life’s journey is for?  Do you feel that this purpose has been distracted with the very process of surviving in life?  Then you are not alone!  It is important not to judge or be too harsh on yourself if so. It’s just a matter of realigning your higher goals and self, to your daily efforts and goals. The truth pathway to happiness and fulfilment.

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Audio Mixcloud Post

If there is one thing that we wall love, it is music. The joy that we obtain from this, one of the greatest gifts to humanity, is without precedent and measure.  It is infinite.

We are very passionate about music. On our Sistas site, we will be promoting and exposing, some of the freshest and most exciting new music, so as to help promote up and coming genius’s in this field. As well as introducing some relatively unknown gems and outstanding classics.

We will be presenting some of our favourite new tracks in our mix cloud space and watch out for our radio station launching in the next week ahead!.

We will be giving you the opportunity to learn and (or) expand your skills in some writing and production (for those who have this passion as a life course) and we will be announcing an exciting competition for our members, in the coming weeks ahead. Stay tuned, for this exciting opportunity!

The classic of the week

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Prepare for the Odd Future

What an incredible world that we live in. If human beings can obtain balance so as to sustain our planet for ever, then the possibilities are limitless. Amazing advances in technology, science and medicine, means that we are living longer and more full lives.

We have the capacity to prevent poverty and to find peace for all humankind and for each creature on the planet. In this section, we will be exploring and highlighting these remarkable advances in Science, medicine and technology. Watch this space to be inspire with what is coming in our odd and outstanding futures

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