Wireless LED 7 Color Light Therapy Mask with Neck

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Blood Vessels Removal, Skin Tightening, Pigment Removal, Acne Treatment, Skin Rejuvenation, Wrinkle Remover
led mask 7 colors
7 Colors
Warranty: 1 Year
Size: 30x22x14cm
LED gene biology light
Color: white

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Light source
LED gene biology light
≥ 8000mcd
Light Color
7 colors
110V / 220V
Output power
Package Size


I Our Skin LED / PDT Mask 7 Light Colors :
Red light: Will stimulate the production of collagen. Collagen is an essential protein used to repair damaged tissue and to replace old tissue. Best for fine lines, and will also help to reduce large pores.Blue light: Bacteria inn acne continues porphyrins; the blue light is able to kill porphyrins due to the high affinity with this wave length. The blue light furthermore has calming action which is very effective for hypersensitivity.Green light: The balance of the green light can balance color pigment, reduce fine lines, nutrient aging skin, speed up the healing process of the wound, and lighten the scare.Yellow light: Specially treated 590nm wavelength, improve the exchange of oxygen in the cells, to the skin cells to replenish their energy, decompose pigment, promote lymphatic drainage, improve drought skin, wrinkles, treatment of skin redness, fever, moss, etc. enhance immunity.Purple light: Is dual red and blue light, which combine two photo-therapy effect. Particularly. it has a good effect on repairing the acne and acne printsClear blue light: can gradual enhance cell energy, to have a good metabolism facilitating role.

Laser light(white): Penetrate the skin deep, accelerate active tissue metabolism decomposition color spots, improve the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin.

II How the Skin LED Mask Works ?
LED blue light therapy helps to kill the bacteria that cause spots, reduce inflammation and provide a general rejuvenation effect on the skin. Spots begin when the pores become clogged or blocked and bacteria start to grow, resulting in every teenager’s nightmare spots

III Functions :
1. Improve symptoms such as aging and loosening skin,big pore,slender wrinkles.
2. Improve pigmentation pathological changes,such as freckle,sunburn,senile plaques.
3. Improve dark complexion caused by bad metabolism or poor circulation.
4. Repair and nurse the damaged skin.
5. Do detumescence,inflammation diminishing and scar elimination treatment for oil acne effectively.